Web Design


At Kepler Developers, we know that intelligent, interactive experiences happen by design. We make sure that as the climate of the economy changes, your industry and business is a successful one. Your website needs to grow with you in order to effectively represent your business. We strategize with clients to create meaningful experiences. Some companies advertise cheap, quick website design. Before choosing a web solution provider, consider this: a high-quality, professional web site can increase customers and grow your business. At Kepler Developers, we take pride in offering custom web design and development that achieve outstanding results all within your budget.


Responsive Design 


Responsive web design represents a fundamental shift in how we’ll build websites for the decade to come

Over the past few years, we’ve seen impressive growth of tablets and smartphones, all coming with different screen sizes. It would be an incredible amount of effort to build a design for each screen size and then try to keep up with new devices on top of it. That’s where responsive web design comes in. This approach allows your site to be adaptive. The page responds automatically based on the screen size, and even the orientation a user is viewing it in. It works because a responsive website is designed around building blocks. These blocks can break and collapse under one another, stretch and shrink, and even adjust the font sizes and images sizes based on the available screen real estate.

At Kepler Developers, we discover new tips and tricks for browser support, take a closer look at solutions for serving images, explore the role of progressive enhancement in web design, find better methods for managing bandwidth, and more.

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