Monitoring an operational network can provide a network administrator with information to proactively manage the network and to report network usage statistics to others. Link activity, error rates, and link status are a few of the factors that help a network administrator determine the health and usage of a network. Collecting and reviewing this information over time enables a network administrator to see and project growth and may enable the administrator to detect and replace a failing part before it completely fails.
A network audit from Kepler Developers will outline which systems and processes you have in place on your network and help you to:

    • Identify any possible Security Risks
    • Document your backup procedures and highlight any weak points
    • Provide you with an up to date spec of the hardware equipment running on your network
    • Provide advice and recommendations on how your network could work better
    • Identify which software is running on your network, including any licensing problems

Understanding which equipment and software are running on your network is important for any business, allowing you to plan for the future and ensure that you have all the bases covered.