Patch management

Patch management is an effective approach to managing updates applications, software, and technologies. Patching repairs any system vulnerabilities to maintain security within information systems and can apply to different parts of an IT infrastructure.
As soon as a software, application or operating system is released, there are hackers looking for ways to break into these systems. Patches strengthen the security of your chosen software and applications and are released by the manufacturers of the software and applications.
Patches are code updates that manufacturers provide to prevent a newly discovered virus or worm from making a successful attack. From time to time, manufacturers combine patches and upgrades into a comprehensive update application called a service pack. Many devastating virus attacks could have been much less severe if more users had downloaded and installed the latest service pack.


Kepler Developers is utilizing patch management policies detail downloading and testing updates offline before deploying them to individual PCs in the network and production environment.

We at Kepler Developers

routinely checks for high-priority updates that can help protect your company’s computer from the latest security threats. These updates include security updates, critical updates, service packs and 3rd party updates.

A robust patching environment requires a consistent monitored solution to ensure a secure and healthy system. To perform a complete patch management program Kepler Developers provides the following services:

    • Asset Identification & Baseline
    • Patch availability reporting
    • Applicability reporting
    • Patch Acquisition
    • Patch Validation
    • Patch Deployment

Patch management cannot be ignored as there is an ever-increasing risk of cyber attacks. Patch management exists to protect your network and systems from cyber attacks. Patches would need to be applied to successfully block out any threats to your business data and information.