Logo Design

Your logo design should stand out in the marketplace and be instantly recognizable by your audience. Staying away from generic, overused visuals or icons is a great way to do this. While your logo should convey what makes your business unique, it doesn’t necessarily have to illustrate the product or service you provide. Using high quality, professional fonts and typography can also help your brand look unique while adding credibility to the design.
Although the color is an important part of any well-designed logo, the color might not always be available to users that are looking at yours. If your logo suffers when it doesn’t benefit from color, your brand might be losing out on grabbing attention and business from a percentage of your audience. As a result, your logo should be designed in a way that makes it an effective attention-grabber for audiences that are able to view it both with and without color.

Effective logo designs rely on simplicity. The best designs are simple and work well with color and text but are also easily recognizable by audiences without them. Adding extra effects or text to a website design can distract audiences from your iconic imagery and cheapen the design. They can also detract in a big way for icons that feature unreadable text due to small font size.
A strong logo should translate well across a variety of different media. A logo design that looks fantastic on a website should also impress potential clients that receive your business card or see your logo on a large billboard. This means that your logo should be optimized for every channel on which it could be presented so that you can avoid blurry images or other sizing problems. If your logo does not make the transition from one medium to another flawlessly, your company’s legitimacy could suffer.

A great logo design needs to resonate with users on first glance for it to truly be memorable. Having brand recognition among audiences will help build familiarity and increase both your brand’s trust and credibility in the marketplace. Using a great design in tandem with great marketing will help your brand create relevant associations with your business among audiences and also make your brand a serious competitor in your industry’s marketplace. The best logo designs will last your business for years to come and will retain an identity even if the logo is eventually modernized. As a result use typefaces that are timeless and not just trendy in the short term. Furthermore, make sure to avoid logos that reference a current cultural trend as they will begin to become less effective as time begins to pass.

Even though your logo design doesn’t have to directly show to your products or services, it should reflect something about your company’s values or culture. Ideally, your company’s culture resonates with the thoughts or beliefs of your target audience. Understanding and defining your target audience will go a long way towards being able to craft an effective and appropriate logo for your brand that resonates with your audience and helps add legitimacy to your business. Part of creating a captivating logo is choosing an appropriate color that helps conjure the emotions you want from viewers. While a well-designed company logo does not have to reflect exactly what your company does, it should be an educational experience for your audience. Looking at your logo should help audiences to understand what your brand is about either by conveying what you do, what your company culture is like, or by making it clear what your company does for your consumers.

Brochure and flyer design

Besides business cards, brochures and flyers are perhaps the most used printed marketing materials for a good reason. Brochure printing and flyer printing are both efficient, economical and offer plenty of room to present your information and message clearly and beautifully to your clients. The key to achieving a solid return on investment through these versatile marketing mediums is in intelligent design

Kepler Developers makes it easy to create stunning brochures by proving a suite of professionally designed layouts. Simply share your ideas with us and we design your brochure and flayer with a modern design having your favourite images, with custom premium fonts and colours to create an original brochure.
Whether you’re creating marketing materials for work or completing an assignment for school, Kepler Developers makes it easy to create the perfect brochure that people will want to read.

Business card design and custom printing

At Kepler Developers, we produce the worlds most innovative business card designs.
We start by offering every customer a logo design and we brand this logo to give your business a unique identity. We don’t believe in templates. Instead, we believe that the development of the artwork should be a collaborative, creative process that’s given the time and attention it deserves.
It’s this dedication to truly bespoke design and traditional production methods that cultivate a level of ownership, pride, and excellence that shines through in our products.

We design perfectly fit any business with any budget

Kepler Developers makes it easy to create stunning branding by proving a suite of professionally designed layouts. Simply share your ideas with us and we design your logo, business card, brochure, flyer and your business online identity with a modern design having your favourite images, with custom premium fonts and colours.

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